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How long does it take to receive my order?

A: We ship most orders within 48 hours. Ground delivery is 4-7 working days to any address in the contiguous United States. Our web site checks your order against our factory inventory, so you're guaranteed to receive your order quickly.
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How do I order?

A: You may order our products online from our secure web site, call us toll free at 1-800-627-4146 to order by phone or fax your order to us at 1-580-628-4833. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. We ship smaller displays direct to you via FedEx Ground or FedEx Air. We ship large Commercial displays to you via YRC Truck Freight or other carriers.
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What is your return policy?


Buyer must contact within 10 days of delivery date for return authorization. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Each returned item must be in its original packaging and must include the original Packing Slip. will issue a credit to Buyer for the full purchase price of the item less shipping and insurance charges and a 15% restocking fee. Returns should be insured and sent freight prepaid to:
Attn: RA # (enter your Return Authorization # here)
100 W Holiday LN
Tonkawa, OK 74653
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Why do you charge a restocking fee for returns?

A: To ensure great quality in every product we offer, any item that is returned to us for any reason is tracked, thoroughly tested and repackaged for sale as a clearance or returned item. In addition, many of our items are very limited in availability, and only sell during the Holiday season. Items that we ship in November and December and are then returned late or after the season must be warehoused for up to 10 months before they can be sold again. Our 15% restocking fee recovers a portion of these costs and is necessary for us to remain in business because of the extreme seasonality of our products.
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How can I get a printed catalog and price list?

A: In order to reduce costs and keep our prices low while also considering the impact that printed catalogs have on our environment, we no longer print product catalogs. Our complete line of products is available on our web site. Should you need a high-resolution image of any product, please contact us at 800-627-4146.
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What is the difference between smaller displays and large Commercial displays?

A: Our smaller light displays are lit C7 LED bulbs, LED Rope Light or commercial grade miniature incandescent lights, generally do not have garland and are intended primarily for residential use. We ship our smaller displays nationwide via FedEx/UPS Ground or FedEx/UPS Air. Our smaller displays include guy wire kits for ground mounts.

Our Commercial displays are usually lit with either C7 LED bulbs or LED Rope light, have garland for daytime views, and are generally much larger than our smaller displays. Our Commercial displays are designed primarily for commercial applications as well as large scale residential applications. Because of their size, we ship our Commercial displays nationwide via YRC (Roadway) Truck Freight. Our large commercial displays do not include guy wire kits for ground mounts (must order separately).
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Where can I find technical data on my display?

A: Each item has its own page on our site that should provide you with the size, weight, type of lighting, number of bulbs and power requirements. Simply click the item's image or description to view this data. Note that power requirements for our lighted displays are shown in Amperes (amps). If you prefer to use Wattage, simply multiply the Amps shown by 120 to arrive at the approximate wattage for that item.
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Do you sell to individuals or only to businesses?

A: Our products are available to both individuals and businesses.
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Are your light displays for outdoor use?

A: Our light displays are designed for outdoor use and can also be used indoors.
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Do your light displays have the lights already attached?

A: Yes, each display comes with the lights already attached and ready to use.
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Where do I get replacement bulbs for my light display?

A: We send extra bulbs and other supplies with each display. We also stock replacement bulbs and commercial-grade light strands if you need them. Most of these replacements are available on our web site. You may also call us to order additional bulbs or light strands.
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How do I store the larger displays between seasons?

A: We've designed our displays in our residential line of displays to come apart in sections when lit, which allows larger ones (over 4 feet in diameter or height) to ship by FedEx/UPS in a flat shipping carton. The shipping carton is also handy for storing your display between seasons. Our Commercial displays are built in sections that bolt together for space-saving storage and may also be stored in their original shipping carton or crate.
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Is it difficult to install a display?

A: Installation s simple. For smaller displays, unpack the display sections, insert and tighten several bolts we provide, and the display is ready to stake in the yard or hang on a wall. For our Commercial displays, simply bolt together any sections and connect the wiring harnesses. Installation takes only minutes. We provide illustrated Installation Instructions with each display. We recommend that Guy Wires be used when mounting any display in your yard.
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I want to hang my display on the side of my home or business. How can I hang my display?

A: Our displays are made so you can hang them or stake them in your yard. Hanging rings or support rods are built into each display. Note that several of our displays are hanging-only.
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We purchased some outdoor displays from another company last year and the paint peeled off and rust appeared. Will your displays do the same?

A: All of our displays are either rust-resistant aluminum or powder-coated steel. Powder coat is a baked-on finish, which is very hard and will last for years without peeling or rusting. It's the same way the inside of your oven at home is painted.
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I'm afraid someone will steal our display. What can I do to protect it?

A: We recommend using our Security Stake (item #623), which screws into the ground and must be unscrewed to remove. A small chain or cable can then be run through the stake and the lower part of the displays. We also recommend that the displays be listed on your homeowners or property insurance.
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The lights we buy at discount stores never seem to work for more than one season. Are yours any better?

A: We primarily use screw-in C7 LED bulbs, which can last up to 10-15 years. If a bulb burns out, simply unscrew it and insert a replacement. For the few items we build in incandescent lights, we use the highest quality UL-listed, commercial-grade lights. Our miniature incandescent light strands are rated for 3,000 hours of use. If one bulb burns out, the rest of the set continues to light. If a bulb does burn out, you need to replace it with one of the extras provided to maintain the proper amperage in the set. We've tested light strands from every manufacturer in the industry, and these are the best.

In our Commercial displays, we use either commercial grade 130V C7 bulbs rated for 3,000 hours of use, C7 LED bulbs rated for 50,000 hours or commercial grade Rope light rated for 50,000 hours of use.
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What if my display needs repair after several years?

A: We offer a complete refurbishing service. Call us at 1-800-627-4146 to discuss the repairs needed. You can ship the display to us at your expense. We will determine the cost of repair, call you for approval, repair the display and return it to you. We do offer discounted prices on refurbishing orders for items received at our factory from January through July.
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Is your company just an importer of Christmas displays made in some foreign country?

A: Definitely not. We are an Oklahoma-based company that works directly with Holiday Lighting Specialists in Tonkawa, Oklahoma to bring you USA made light displays. We have been in business since 1994. Holiday Lighting Specialists manufactures their displays at their Holiday Light Factory in north central Oklahoma. We do import lights (there are none manufactured in the U.S.), but we use the best commercial grade lighting available.
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I have a sales tax exemption number. Do I still have to pay sales tax?

A: An order from outside the state of Oklahoma, being shipped outside of Oklahoma, is not taxable in Oklahoma. Orders from within Oklahoma to be shipped within Oklahoma are taxable unless you provide us with a copy of your valid Oklahoma tax exemption certificate.
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Do you sell patterns of your displays?

A: No. All of our designs are copyrighted and owned exclusively by the manufacturer and are not available for sale.
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Can I order a display in a color different from the colors shown?

A: Yes. The cost of the display may be higher. Be sure to check that item on our site - it may already have an option for various colors. Call us at 1-800-627-4146 and we will be happy to discuss any variations you may want.
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Will you build a display that I design?

A: Yes, we do extensive custom design work. In order for us to quote a custom display for you, we must have a rough sketch illustrating the size and colors you prefer and how the unit will be used (i.e., staked in yard with guy wires or hanging). Custom orders are accepted throughout the year and are completed during the first eight months of the year.
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Do you ship your products to customers outside the United States?

A: We ship to all fifty United States, Canada and all US territories. Our products are designed for use in 110/120V electrical systems. In addition, the freight and exportation costs are very high for us to pursue during the very short, busy Holiday season. For these reasons, we do not directly export our products to foreign markets such as Asia, Europe, Australia and South America. However, we encourage our foreign customers to align themselves with USA-based freight forwarders who can handle the exportation of our products for them.
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