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Guy Wires (for Ground Mounts)

Estate Displays

Guy Wires for Smaller Displays
Smaller displays include stakes (either separate or integrated) at the bottom of your display. To mount your display in the yard, create a pilot hole in the ground where each stake should be placed, then press the display into the ground. Do not use a hammer on the display as heavy vibration may damage the lights. Instead, simply press the display down into the pilot hole you've created for each stake.

Guy wires should be attached to the front and rear of the display to an upper area on the display as shown here. Be sure each guy wire is securely attached, holding the display firm against high winds.

Our Guy Wire Kits include u-bolts for attaching the wire to the display as well as to the guy wire stakes.

Commercial Displays

Commercial Display Guy Wires
Guy Wire Kits for our larger Commercial displays are not included in the regular price of your display, but are required for all ground mounts.

Our commercial Guy Wire Kits include heavy-duty stakes and wire, and are attached to upper portions of your display in both the front and rear of the display.