Pro 100 HD LED Set - White Wire - Warm White  (3211-W)

Pro 100 HD LED Set - White Wire - Warm White (3211-W)

Sold by the case of 24. Our Professional Series LED strings are perfect for lighting trees and shrubs where you need more light coverage than traditional light strings. Made with the highest-quality LED chips, these LED strands will outshine all others. LEDs are permanently sealed (non replaceable) against the elements, and are rated for 50,000 hours of seasonal use. Wide angle lens in each LED spreads the light for a great 360 degree view. Requires 1 Pro LED Power Cord #10867 (sold separately) to power up to 10 sets connected end-to-end. Power cord only required for first string in the series. Connect up to 10 sets using only 1 power cord. Optional Pro LED 3-Way Splitters and Extensions are also available for all Pro LED Sets, Nets and Icicle Lights. End to end connections are threaded and waterproof, so you'll never pull two strands apart when lighting your trees. Energy savings = 80% vs. incandescent miniatures

Style: 5MM Concave Lens

LED Color: Warm White

LEDs per String: 100

Length: 30 feet

LED Spacing: 3.6 inch

Wire Color: White

Connection Type: Commercial

End to end: Yes (connect up to 10 sets together)

Rating: UV Resistant and waterproof; rated for up to 50,000 hours

Water-tight, permanently locked LEDs (non replaceable)

If one LED fails, the others remain lit

Energy savings = 80% vs. incandescent miniatures

Virtually indestructible; less than 7 watts per strand