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Pro 127 LED Icicle Lights

Add our Pro LED icicle lights to your roofline and instantly create a spectacular look for your home or business.

3 Colors Available.

Each Pro LED icicle set is 12.5 ft in length and has 84 commercial-grade 5MM LED bulbs. Made with the highest-quality LED chips, these LED icicles will outshine all others.

LEDs are permanently sealed (non replaceable) against the elements, and are rated for 50,000 hours of seasonal use. Wide angle lens in each LED spreads the light for a great 360 degree view.

Requires 1 Pro LED Power Cord (sold separately) to power up to 10 sets connected end-to-end. Power cord only required for first string in the series.

Connect up to 10 sets using only 1 power cord!

Optional Pro LED 3-Way Splitters and extensions are also available for all Pro LED Sets, Nets and Icicle Lights. End to end connections are threaded and waterproof, so you'll never pull two strands apart when lighting your trees.


  • Style: 5MM Concave Lens
  • LED Colors: Blue, Pure White, or Warm White
  • Steady or Twinkle: Steady
  • LEDs per Set: 84
  • Size: 12.5 ft length (approx 12 ft lighted length)
  • Icicle Drops: 21"/8"/16"/13"
  • LED Spacing: 6 inch
  • Wire Color: White
  • Connection Type: Commercial (Pro)
  • End to end: Yes (connect up to 10 sets together)
  • Rating: UV Resistant and waterproof; rated for up to 50,000 hours of seasonal use
  • Water-tight, permanently locked LEDs (non replaceable)
  • If one LED fails, the others remain lit
  • Energy savings = 80% vs. incandescent miniatures
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Power Required: .04 amps (5 watts)

Support: is available to answer your questions and offer advice about how to decorate your space. Call us today at 1-800-627-4146 or e-mail us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Arrived too Late for Christmas

I’ve had Holiday lights previously so wanted to order again so they’d be the same, but they arrived too late to be put up. I ordered net lighting and individual icicle light to replace the three strings that stopped working. One an entire string the other two only half the lights on the string burned out but the entire string has to be replaced. 5 stars while they worked. Love the waterproof connectors. 1 star because I’ve only had these light 3-4 seasons, and for the expense I felt like they should last longer.


Purchased icicles to put around our house on our gutters. They definitely stand out in the neighborhood. Many have asked us where we got them as they are much brighter then what they could find. They are much more durable then what are in the stores.