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Warm White LED Rope Light - 75ft Roll (3102-W)

Holiday Lights offers the warm holiday glow of warm white LED rope lights in 75 foot length rolls.

• Rated for up to 50,000 hour of use, our LED Rope Light is the highest quality you'll find.
Utilizing high-grade source chips, the LEDs in our LED rope light will maintain their brightness up to 30% longer than inferior products.
Concave LED lenses eliminate spotlight effects and spread the light from each LED over more than 120 degrees.
Each 75-foot roll includes 2 power cords, end caps and splices.


Rectification: Full wave (no flicker)

Rated life: 50,000 hours

Voltage: 120V

Power Consumption: 0.4 amps per roll (48 watts)

Roll Length: 75 feet

Diameter: 13MM (1/2 inch)

Power Cord Length: 6 Feet

Cut in field every: 39.40 inches

LED spacing: approximately 1.3 inch

Max length to connect to one power cord = 300 feet


Be sure to cut rope light on printed cut marks (scissors) or you will damage a complete circuit.

Avoid splicing together sections to make a long run. Rope light performs best when a continuous pieces is powered by 1 power cord and terminated with an end cap.

The words "Start" and "End" are printed at each cut marks on rope light. "Start" must ALWAYS be closest to the power cord to maintain correct polarity.

Power cord connections MUST be water tight. If your entire run of rope light goes out, replace the power cord.

DO NOT leave your rope light plugged in while on the spool as heat can not escape and you may damage the entire roll.

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