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Tips for Taking Down Your Christmas Lights & Storing Them

Tips for Taking Down Your Christmas Lights & Storing Them

Taking down your lights to store them can turn into a frustrating task. Below are some simple ideas on how to make less of a mess of it.

1. Remember to keep some cardboard leftovers from Christmas, because it can be really handy when preparing your decorations for storage. Using a scrap piece of flat cardboard, try winding your light cords around and around, giving each string it’s own piece.

2. You can also use a cardboard tube to store your string lights. Just slide one end of the cord into the tube, secure it to the tube with a piece of tape, and then begin wrapping the string around the tube. Doing this carefully will perfectly preserve your lights for the next season.

3. If you have the space, using closet hangers can be effective when storing hanging strings like icicle lights. You can use bobby pins to secure one end of the string, and then every few feet or so. This method may allow you to keep your lights from tangling and causing broken or damaged bulbs.

4. Leftover wrapping paper is useful for storing net lights. Unroll the paper and place the net lights on it, folding another layer of paper on top of the light strings. Repeat as many times as necessary to cover the lights, and then fold together into a square for storage.

5. We recommend storing all lights in plastic totes, or covering with tarps or bags. Proper care and maintenance of your light strings will make them last for many seasons!

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