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When is the best time to buy new Christmas lights?

When is the best time to buy new Christmas lights?

When you are taking down your lights for the season, the biggest error people make is rushing the job. Being hasty while packing up your festive decor can cause all kinds of issues when you go to unload stuff later. We’ve all been guilty of shoving our cords into boxes to deal with later. Here are some tips on why you shouldn’t do that.

1. Check your bulbs. If there are burnt out ones, the best time to replace them is now.

2. Carefully inspect each light string and if there are any breaks in the wire, replace or repair immediately.

3. If you notice that your light bulbs are going out, you may have a bad fuse or even just a loose bulb. When bulbs are hanging outdoors, they can become disconnected from their housing. Try tightening any loose bulbs and replace any necessary fuses.

4. In general, when purchasing light strings, LED bulbs are longer lasting and more energy-efficient over Incandescent ones. When you upgrade your light strings, make sure and use the best quality and long lasting LED strings.

5. Before storing your light strings, make sure they are well dried. Water or condensation build up can damage strings.

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