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Small Santa Sleigh and Reindeer Set (1220-N)




Our Small Reindeer Set in C7 LED lights is one of our most popular motifs every Christmas. Designed by professional artist Gene V. Dougherty, Santa in his Sleigh guides his trusted Reindeer through the night sky with white LED reins that attach to each piece in the set.

• Small Reindeer Set includes stakes for "rising" effect of Reindeer.
• Reindeer appear to rise into the night sky on multi-length stakes (included).
• Stake the set in your yard and secure with Guy Wires (included) or hang it from the built-in hanging rings.
• Great views from either direction.
• C7 LED lights are commercial-grade and may be replaced (extras included).
• If one bulb burns out, the others remain lit. Simply unscrew a bulb to replace it.
• Requires only 1 extension cord (not included) to light the entire set.
• Optional Roof Base allows this set to be mounted on a peaked roof.


Size: 4.75'H x 16.8'W

Weight: 20 lbs

Bulbs: 214 C7 LEDs rated for 50,000 hours of use

Amps: 1.68 (202 watts)


If any C7 LED bulb is not working, screw it firmly into its socket to be sure it's making good contact.

Be sure to create pilot holes before pressing your motif's stakes into the ground. Do not hammer on your motif frame or you may damage your motif.

If you live in a coastal area, be sure to rinse your motif with fresh water at the end of each season before you store it for the off-season. Never store your motif in the sun between seasons.