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Outdoor Icicle Christmas Lights

Add our Pro LED icicle lights to your roofline and instantly create a spectacular look for your home or business. Available in Steady (all on all the time) or Twinkle (some LEDs twinkle) on white wire. Each Pro LED icicle set is 12.5 ft in length and has 84 commercial-grade 5MM LED bulbs.

Made with the highest-quality LED chips, these LED icicles will outshine all others. LEDs are permanently sealed (non replaceable) against the elements, and are rated for 50,000 hours of seasonal use. Wide angle lens in each LED spreads the light for a great 360 degree view.

Our Pro series LED Icicle Lights require 1 LED Power Cord to power up to 10 icicle sets connected end-to-end.