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Mini Christmas Light Strings (50 bulb - Professional Series)

We offer a variety of high-quality light strings for you to choose from.  All are commercial quality and backed by service during their lifetime.

The quality of materials and workmanship in these strings far exceeds that found in disposable strings from mass merchants, and these will outperform them year after year.

Our standard LED strings are commercial grade 50-light strings that have built-in rectifiers (for full wave rectification and elimination of flicker effect) in each string as well as traditional Christmas light plugs that may be connected end-to-end.  Our Pro LED strings are commercial grade High Density (100 lights on tight spacing) or Standard Density (50 lights on regular spacing) strings that have a large-capacity rectifier built into the power cord (sold separately), so you don't pay for the rectifier each time you purchase a string.

One power cord can light up to 10 Pro LED strings, nets or icicles. End-to-end connections are threaded (eliminates strings pulling apart from one another) and waterproof (via rubber washers). Our Pro LED strings even connect directly to our Pro LED Net Lights, Pro LED Icicle Lights and even to our LED Rope Light.