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C7 Faceted LED Bulbs - Static


Minleon Bulbs

 Available in Nine Colors!

SOLD ONLY IN PACKAGES OF 25 (Price shown is per bulb).

Our Minleon Bulb Fits in existing C7 (E12 candelabra base) sockets Run up to 600 bulbs on one stringer!  Faceted design spreads light evenly throughout the bulb UV resistant and waterproof 3 Super Bright LEDs per bulb rated for up to 50,000 hours Energy savings = minimum 67% vs. incandescent Virtually indestructible LED


Base: E12 (Candelabra)

Dimmable: Yes

Cover: Faceted UV Resistant Plastic

Power Usage: 0.95 Watts

Voltage: 120V

Bulb Life: 50,000 Hours

Usage: Indoor/Outdoor

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