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LED Light Bulbs

C7 LED Bulbs

C9 LED Bulbs

We offer a variety of high-quality LED light bulbs for you to choose from. All are commercial quality and backed by service during their lifetime. The quality of materials and workmanship in these strings far exceeds that found in disposable strings from mass merchants, and these will outperform them year after year.
Our LED bulbs are commercial quality bulbs rated for 50,000 hours of seasonal use.  They require 70% less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs, and will fit into your existing stringers. You can safely run up to 600 LED bulbs on a single stringer!  Each bulb has high quality new-style "commercial signage" quality LED's to give you the brightest bulbs available.  High heat, moisture and extended exposure to UV may reduce the useful life of any LED bulb but our faceted covers are made with UV inhibitor and the electronics are sealed in silicone to perform in the harshest environments.