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Crossed Candy Cane - Red & White (1401-1)

Create a festive and fun holiday light motif with our multi-colored Candy Canes! These canes make a great decoration for either side of your doorway, gate or along the drive. Standing alone or integrated in a scene with our Red, White & Green Candy Canes, these colors of the season are both traditional and fun. 

• Stake your Canes in your yard and secure with Guy Wires (included), or hang them from the built-in hanging rings.
C7 LED lights are commercial-grade and may be replaced (extras included) 
If one bulb burns out, the others remain lit. Simply unscrew a bulb to replace it.
• Our frames are handmade from durable rust-resistant aluminum


Size: 5.0'H x 3.8'W

Weight: 7 lbs

Bulbs: 54 C7 LEDs rated for 50,000 hours of use

Amps: 0.46 (55 watts)