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29 feet Custom Six-Sided Christmas Tree (1000-1)


At heights between 15 to 50 feet tall, Holiday Lights' Six-Sided Trees offer the perfect combination of traditional "tree shape" and contemporary design to fit your modern City Square or Building Plaza.

These trees are made from an all aluminum frame that is powder-coated to your choice of color and wrapped with thousands of LED lights for a beautiful, impactful motif. We can manufacture our trees with a different width and height ratio in order to fit the space you have available. Unlike other tree styles, these tree frames disassemble into flat pieces so that storage is a breeze!

Price shown above is for the 29 foot tall blue and white Christmas tree version shown in the picture.  


Helpful Tips:
Be sure to create pilot holes before pressing your motif's stakes into the ground. Do not hammer on your motif frame or you may damage your motif.

If you live in a coastal area, be sure to rinse your motif with fresh water at the end of each season before you store it for the off-season. Never store your motif in the sun between seasons to avoid fading of colors.

Support: is available to answer your questions and offer advice about how to decorate your space. Call us today at 1-800-627-4146 or e-mail us at