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God Bless America Sign (Ropelight with Garland) (1113-N)

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Show your patriotism with Holiday Lights' amazing God Bless America sign. The sign looks great during the day and stunning at night! 

LED Rope light motif nearly 43 feet wide
• Requires less than 2 amps of power!
May be ground mounted using stakes and guy wires (included), or hung on a building or across a street.
• Only 1 extension cord required.
Each letter is independent.


Size: 3.9'H x 42.7'W

Weight: 126 lbs

Bulbs: 2800 High Grade LEDs rated for 50,000 hours of use

Amps: 1.6 (192 watts)


If you live in a coastal area, be sure to rinse your motif with fresh water at the end of each season before you store it for the off-season. Never store your motif in the sun between seasons.