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Is Rudolph a Male or Female Reindeer?

Is Rudolph a Male or Female Reindeer?



The answer may surprise you …

All reindeer have antlers whether male or female. According to scientists however, the male reindeer shed their antlers before the end of December–meaning ALL of Santa’s reindeer are females! 

What do you think?

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Kathleen Fitzpatrick - September 15, 2021

Since Rudolph is standardly a male name, we go with Rudolph is a male reindeer, of course a female reindeer could do what Rudolph does if she has a glowing nose. I suppose next we have to decide which the other 8 reindeers are, however, for the story it simply does not matter, leave it alone. For the fact, both sexes of reindeer grow antlers, a fact I learned a couple of years ago and it an excellent and fun fact to learn!

Jerry - September 15, 2021

Rudolph is fictional, therefore not bound by scientific facts. Of course he’s male. Besides that, how many women do you know named Rudolph?

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